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As a Viet Nam Veteran returning home, Dennis Rinehart decided to pursue a Taxidermy career.  Dennis has had some one-on-one training previous to his military service (there were no actual schools “way back then”)  Dennis loved hunting & fishing, so it seemed like a good match.  It was a good match!  He started his own shop and built his business large enough to train and hire 5 employees.  After 20 years in business, Dennis wanted others to have the opportunity to be trained in the Art of Taxidermy.  He opened The American Institute of Taxidermy School 20 years ago and ever since has been training and guiding students into a rewarding and successful Taxidermy career.

AIT instructor Dennis Rinehart


The American Institute of Taxidermy School is approved by the Wisconsin Educational Approval Board for more than 25 years.  BUT EVEN MORE IMPORTANT TO YOU, we are VA APPROVEDWe are always interested in helping other Veterans discover a successful and rewarding Taxidermy Career. 

To learn more about our School and services we provide, please visit our Website at

To speak with Mr. Rinehart personally, please call 1-800-853-9146 and ask to speak to Dennis.  He will be happy to answer ANY and ALL questions you may have.


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